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Travel to Singapore

Travellers may enter Singapore as per normal without testing or quarantine, only if they have taken the minimum WHO-EUL vaccine dosage (approved/recognised vaccines by Singapore) at least two weeks before arrival in Singapore, and can show proof of vaccination before departing for Singapore.

Travellers not fully vaccinated with COVID-19 WHO EUL Vaccines (approved/recognised vaccines by Singapore) will be required to take the necessary pre-departure tests and show proof before entering Singapore.

For the latest border measures for travel to Singapore, please visit the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA) website at the link below.


While in Singapore

Latest Update 10 October:  All vaccination control rules for events will be lifted in Singapore. This means gamescom asia now accepts both vaccinated and non-vaccinated attendees.

Masks are not mandatory at gamescom asia 2022 but are encouraged. Please do practice mindfulness and social responsibility when attending the event. 

While moving around in Singapore on public transport, masks are still required. Visit the Singapore Tourism Board Traveller's Essentials Website for more information.

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