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Safe Space Policy

We aim to provide an enjoyable experience for everyone who attends our events, regardless of sex or gender identity, nationality, ethnic background, religion, ideology, disability, age, language, sexual orientation and identity. We celebrate and embrace diversity. Consequently, we do not tolerate any harassment, abusive behaviour or inappropriate language directed at our guests, visitors, team members, partners, co-organisers and the like. As the organiser, we reserve the right to exclude any person from our events who does not comply with these policies. This applies to all gatherings we invite people to, both physical and purely digital events.

Harassment is defined as any form of inappropriate, discriminatory verbal remarks related to a person’s sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, appearance, ethnicity, race, age or religion. It also includes all forms of deliberate intimidation, stalking, non-consensual photography or filming of others, continuous disruption of presentations, inappropriate physical contact and unwanted sexual advances. As the organiser, we may take whatever action that we deem appropriate against participants who engage in such behaviour. This may range from issuing a warning to the person concerned to banning them from attending the current and future events.

Participants who are harassed or who notice that another person is being harassed are encouraged to report this to us immediately, either directly to the on-site team or via the contact email for digital events. Safeguarding the physical and psychological integrity of all our guests is our top priority.

Should it prove necessary to contact security personnel or the police, we as the organiser shall do so. We will be there to always support the affected persons.

We are pleased to welcome all our guests, and to ensure that we all interact with each other in a respectful and appreciative manner, we insist that this policy be scrupulously observed, with no exception.

After all, our events are safe spaces for everyone.

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