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2024 Media Partners

20m Podcast


The 20m Podcast is your deep dive into games and the people behind them.

Hosted by content creator, Arief Johan and video games journalist, Rino, the show is known for sitting down with your favourite video game personalities, chatting about the games we love, sharing ridiculously hot takes, all through a Southeast Asian angle.

The 20m Podcast also covers everything from indie games to AAA spanning game reviews, to livestreams, developer interviews and more.

Digital Braves


Digital Braves owns and operates the biggest gaming content sites in Malaysia. We have a team to produce gaming content in both written and video format and worked with variety of gaming companies globally. Currently the only company in Malaysia that owns and operates 3 different languages in gaming related content.     a



TheGamer is a Canadian gaming site with different spin on things, and we break some of the biggest stories around. From interviews with movie starts to deep dives into how your favourite games are made, or just advise on how to reach that one chest, TheGamer has it all. For all your news, views, and reviews, (and guides, but that doesn't rhyme), you should bookmark TheGamer.  a



UnGeek is the premier video games, tech, and anime online publications in the Philippines. Serving as the crossroads for anything and everything geek, UnGeek has been making waves in the local and international scene with the latest news, reviews, and features.

Video Games Chronicle (VGC) 


VGC is a leading English language video game news site, which delivers daily exclusive reporting and insightful reviews to an expert audience which trust our coverage. 

We are a key voice in the Western games media, with millions of monthly readers and regular citations from the world's biggest publications, includes mainstream outlets such as Reuters and BBC News. 

VGC's review coverage is aggregated by both Metacritic and Open Critic, and we are a judging publications for The Game Awards.

We are headquartered in London, England, but our reporting regularly incorporates a global perspective, including media partnerships with key industry expos in Asia such as Gamescom Asia and Bitsummit.

Virtual SEA 


Virtual SEA is a non-profit project created by independent writers from Indonesia, Germany, and the Philippines. From big-budget titles to indie gems, we showcase a wide variety of games from the Southeast Asian region.

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