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gamescom asia 2023 kicks off on 19 October and runs until 22 October. 4 packed days of exciting content from our exhibitors, partners, and gamescom asia shows!

You can view accreditation guidelines and important dates for media here, plus access press releases, industry reports and event images. If you are accredited, you will enjoy all access to the event and thus to the numerous gaming companies, speakers, and VIPs present.

If you would like to come onboard as a media partner and enjoy further benefits and visibility at gamescom asia, reach out to us with a collaboration plan.

We look forward to having you on board at gamescom asia 2023!

Accreditation for media opens in July.

Trade Zone (For Industry)

Thursday - Friday
19 – 20 October 2023

From 9:00am

Entertainment Zone (For Public)

20 October 2023 (special pre-event access for all media and creators)

Saturday - Sunday
21 – 22 October 2023 (public access)

From 10:00am

Online Shows

19 October 2023
PRIMETIME (1 hour)

22 October 2023
STUDIO (half day)

Major channels: YouTube, Facebook, Twitch

Accreditation for Press and Media

Accredited media will receive an All Access Media Pass to enter the event, access to the press office onsite, and the following benefits:

  • Event Press Releases and Updates
  • List of 'must-see' games and activities
  • Exhibitor and Speakers List
  • During gamescom asia, daily event highlights and access to image database
  • An option to co-stream gamescom asia 2023’s online shows – a direct link will be provided
  • Access to the digital gamescom biz Community app to network and arrange additional meetings with all attending exhibitors and trade visitors

After a successful check, you will receive your confirmation and more information on gamescom asia 2023. We constantly work on bringing you further benefits, so stay tuned!

​​Please review the general accreditation guidelines for media below and ensure that your medium/your activity corresponds with them for a successful accreditation.

Accreditation for media opens in July.

Media Accreditation Guidelines

The following persons are eligible for accreditation:

Persons who can provide the following proof of journalistic (including photojournalistic) employment (related to the topic of the exhibition in question):

  1. By presenting by-line articles published no earlier than six months before the time of the event
  2. By means of a weblink to an online publication that is well established in the industry community in question and that can prove an adequate reach. Online media of this type must have been in existence for at least three months, must produce regular entries and the most recent article relating to the topic of the exhibition must be no older than three months. (In individual cases, separate, more detailed accreditation rules may be specified for bloggers, with a separate status for bloggers.)
  3. Holders of a valid press card from a journalists’ association (Optional)
  4. Koelnmesse reserves the right to request further proof of journalistic employment as specified in items 1 to 3.

Credentials should be presented in English or as a secondary option, in the journalist’s native language. We welcome publications writing in journalist’s native language for localisation, however, for ease of communications between all partners of gamescom asia, English will be the main language presented. For media attendance on-site, Koelnmesse may request for a form of press identification to verify your media representation (in the event that the representative differs from the approved applicant). If necessary, Koelnmesse shall exercise its domiciliary rights.

We reserve the right to apply minor additions and exceptions to these accreditation guidelines for certain fairs and events.

We advise you that data received for the purpose of processing your accreditation may be also used for the clarification of queries.

The following groups of persons shall not be accredited:

  • Persons without journalistic credentials, such as account managers, sales managers, advertising managers or webmasters, PR consultants and private companions
  • Persons who are exclusively active in social networks in a private capacity

Am I approved once I submit the form?

Form submission does not guarantee a media pass to the event. You will receive an email on whether your application has been successful and a letter of approval.

How do I co-stream the online shows?

A direct link will be provided to you closer to the event should you wish to co-stream our online shows PRIMETIME on 19 October and STUDIO on 22 October. Show timings will be in Singapore Time (UTC+8)

Note: You can also co-stream our shows on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook without an accreditation. Please refer to our co-streaming guidelines section.

Onsite Content Sharing and Co-streaming Guidelines

Preparing onsite content and to co-stream the exciting gamescom asia 2023 shows? We have prepared a few guidelines for you here, including a couple of valuable tips on programme design and creative procedures:

How to co-stream gamescom asia 2023
Important: Anyone can follow gamescom asia on his or her own personal channel – irrespective of the platform.

  1. Set your preferred broadcast software such that the stream is recorded live or use the event clean feed link provided.
  2. Choose your preferred streaming platform.
  3. Get your popcorn and other snacks, turn on the show and enjoy!

Important information for onsite content sharing and co-streaming
Important: Anyone can distribute gamescom asia 2023 on his or her own personal channel – irrespective of the platform.
Here it is important that:

  1. No rights of third parties are violated (these include copyrights, trademark rights, etc.)
  2. No content is shown that is racist, homophobic, defamatory, obscene, libelous or glorifies violence
  3. No applicable laws are violated (especially criminal law and youth protection)
  4. No advertising for the following products or services is actively integrated:
    • nicotine, alcohol, cannabis and other addictive substances
    • party politics, especially election advertising
    • pornography, nudity, indecent exposure
    • gambling, lotteries, casino, poker, sports betting or comparable
    • item or in-game currency trading outside of first party platforms or official offerings
    • online key sales (e.g. MMOGA, G2A & Co.), insofar as these do not involve licensed dealers (e.g. Gamesplanet, Green Man Gaming, Humble Bundle, etc.)
    • automated pop-ups, upon which the streamer exercises no influence, are principally permitted and are excluded from the criteria for exclusion listed above
  5. Here you will find all community guidelines if you choose to live-stream via YouTube, Twitch or Facebook.

Press Releases

Press Releases

Here you can find all current press releases of gamescom asia.

Image Database

Image Database

Event images from gamescom asia you can use to accompany your publicity and editorial write ups.

Industry Reports

Industry Reports

Past industry statistics and analysis of Asia's gaming markets, plus definitive guides in collaboration with our knowledge partners.

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