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Under The Influence: The Role of KOLs Behind SEA’s Hit Games

October 2023

Did you know that it is Southeast Asia that is taking the lead in terms of growth in the video games market and esports industry? The region generates $6 billion in market revenue and hosts nearly 300 million gamers in 2023. That is 7% of Asia’s gaming revenue (including China, Japan, and Korea) and 22% of the total gamers in Asia. Find out how influencers help to propel Southeast Asia’s most popular games into success in this insights article.


Southeast Asia’s Games Market – A Short Guide to One of The Fastest Growing Regions for The Games Industry

August 2022

Southeast Asia boasts US$5 billion market size and 270 million gamers. With an estimated CAGR of 8.6% between 2020-2025, supported by its young populace, rapidly rising economies and upgraded infrastructure, the region provides promising ground for the games market to continue to thrive.


Insights into Thailand’s Games Market and Its Gamers

April 2021

Thailand’s 32 million gamers helped the Thai games market generate over a billion dollars last year, making it one of the highest-profile games markets in Southeast Asia.


Gaming in Southeast Asia: The Playing, Spending & Viewing Behaviour of a Fast-Growing Games Market

July 2020

No matter how you look at it, Southeast Asia’s games ecosystem is like no other in the world. Each of the region’s major markets (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam) is completely different from the next.


The Philippines’ Games Market: Data and Insights

May 2020

In this article, we’ll shine the spotlight on the games market in the Philippines, whose 43 million gamers spent $572 million on games last year. This makes it the world’s 25th-biggest market by game revenues, as well as a key driver of Southeast Asia’s overall games market.


Insights into the Singaporean Games Market

March 2020

Players in Singapore spent a total of $327.2 million on games last year, making it a key player in Southeast Asia’s games market…


The Malaysia Games Market and Its Gamers

January 2020

Zoom in on the country’s gamers, including the share of the population that plays and watches game content, their favourite games and genres, and some of their in-game spending behaviour…


Insights into the Indonesian Games Market

December 2019

Players in Indonesia spent a total of $1.1 billion on games last year, making it one of the biggest games markets in Southeast Asia…


Southeast Asia: The World’s Fastest-Growing Mobile Games Market

November 2019

The SEA games market is like no other in the world, in terms of tastes, top publishers, and more. In this article, we explore the market’s games landscape, zooming in on notable local and foreign game companies’ performance in the exciting region.

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