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General Event Information

Can the public attend gamescom asia?

Yes! gamescom asia's entertainment area is open to the public from 18* - 20 October 2024.

Refer to our dates and time page for the latest information.

*18 October is open to SuperFan ticket holders only.

Where is the venue of gamescom asia 2024?

We are located at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre.

How do I get to Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre?

Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre is located at the heart of the Central Business District and is therefore easily accessible by public transport. For more information on how to get to the venue, please refer to this page.

What are the health and safety guidelines for gamescom asia?

You are not required to be vaccinated to enter. Masks are optional; however, we ask all attendees to remain mindful of their surroundings and practice social responsibility when attending the event. If you are feeling unwell, please stay home.

Any change in policies will be updated in accordance with the Singapore Government guidelines. Please access for the latest updates.

What sustainability related initiatives is gamescom asia implementing?

At gamescom asia, we consistently strive to improve our sustainability practices. We take decisive steps to reduce our environmental impact, from minimising printed materials to promoting recycling in line with Koelnmesse's Tradefairer programme and the Singapore MICE Sustainability Roadmap. For more details, please refer to this page.

entertainment area Tickets

How can I buy tickets to the entertainment area?

You may purchase your tickets online via our ticketing partner BookMyShow. 

What type of entertainment area tickets are there?

There are SuperFan limited tickets available as well as Single Day weekend tickets available for purchase.

Ticket Type

(Until 18 October*)

(19 - 20 Oct)

SuperFan (Limited Availability)


  • 20% discount on gamescom asia merch
  • Early Access on 18 October
  • Access on 19 & 20 October

SGD 55*


Single Day Ticket (19 October, Saturday)

SGD 19

SGD 25

Single Day Ticket (20 October, Sunday)

SGD 19

SGD 25

*Super Fan tickets can only be purchased until 17 October or till sold out.

Ticket prices above exclude a per ticket Booking Fee of SGD4 (for tickets above SGD 40), SGD 3 (for tickets between SGD 20.01 - SGD 40) and SGD 1 (for tickets SGD 20 and below). Prices include Singapore GST (Goods & Services Tax).

Can I bring my child with me to gamescom asia?

All children 12 years old and below must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.

gamescom asia will not be responsible for any minors left unattended at, in or around the event venue.

Children below 7 years old

Free, age verification needed.

Kindly ensure that your child is present with you at the registration counters to receive the "Accompanied Child" wrist band. Must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Children 7 to 12 years old

Ticket needed, must be accompanied by an adult.

Please be aware that parts of the entertainment area may contain adult content, graphic images, or violence. Games rated ADV16 and M18 will be showcased in enclosed areas or behind a privacy screen and access will be subject to ID verification.

Are there any other ways to purchase tickets other than through the website?

BookMyShow is our official ticketing partner and will also be available onsite. Please only purchase official tickets from BookMyShow. If found with an unofficial (e.g.: fake) ticket, you will not be allowed entry into the event.

Ticket scalping and illegal sales of other merchandise (without a paid booth) is prohibited. Third-party sales are not endorsed by gamescom asia and there is no assurance that your ticket will be valid if bought from one. gamescom asia will not entertain requests for refund or assistance if your ticket has been bought from a third party other than BookMyShow.

Can I buy tickets using other payment methods like cash?

gamescom asia only accepts cashless payments via BookMyShow online and at onsite ticketing counters.

I'm unable to attend the event. Can I get a refund or change my admission to another day?

Tickets are not transferable, non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

Tickets may not be resold, nor redistributed or used for any commercial or marketing event, activity, promotion or purpose without the prior written consent of gamescom asia and the ticketing agent. All rights reserved to cancel any tickets that have been transferred, redistributed or otherwise used without the prior written consent of gamescom asia and to deny any such ticket holder entry.

I have issues with my ticket. Who do I contact?

For any queries or issues pertaining to the purchase of gamescom asia tickets, please call BookMyShow at 65 65918871 or write to for assistance.

entertainment area Admission Policy

How do I enter the event with my ticket?

You will need to exchange for a wristband for admission into the event hall with your ticket.

Do I need to present anything to exchange for the wristband(s)?

You will need to present your ticket(s) at the registration area to exchange for wristband(s). Entry will not be allowed if your wristband is damaged or fits loosely on your wrist and can slip off easily.

Can I bring my guide dog with me to gamescom asia?

Definitely! Please remember to bring certified documents with you for security checks. However, should there be a large crowd, entry may be limited so that we can ensure you and your guide dog's safety.

If you require further assistance, please feel free to reach out to our event staff or contact us at

Are pets allowed in the event area?

No, attendees with pets will be turned away. Only guide dogs for visually impaired persons will be allowed.

Are wheelchairs allowed in gamescom asia?

Yes, wheelchairs will be allowed at the event. If you have any concerns regarding wheelchair accessibility, please reach out to us at

What time is the last entry to the event?

Last entry will be one hour before the closing time. Refer to our dates and time page for more information.

Am I allowed to chill out in the event area?

Attendees are allowed to hang out around the event area, but you are reminded not to obstruct walkways and doors. The event staff reserves the right to ask any attendee to move from the affected area(s).

Important Event Guidelines

Will there be bag checks?

Bag checks will be conducted before you can enter the event area. For faster clearance, have your bags opened and ready to be checked before it is your turn.

Is there a place for me to store my belongings?

No. Please do not leave your personal belongings unattended. If you have lost your belongings/found something that does not belong to you, please bring it to the registration counters. gamescom asia will not be liable for the loss of personal belongings in or around the event hall during the event.

Am I allowed to take pictures/videos during the event?

While you can take pictures/videos of any attendees/cosplayers/personalities during the event, please seek permission and respect their rights to say no.

What are the house rules of gamescom asia?

By entering the event area, attendees agree to have read and understood these house rules and comply with and be bound by these house rules:

  • By entering the event area, attendees hereby give consent to having your likeness taken in video or photo and/or published by attending media.
  • Attendees are held to follow instructions, regulations and/or directions of gamescom asia and security staff at all times.
  • gamescom asia takes no responsibility for any damages on any grounds whatsoever, which directly or indirectly arise out of acts or omissions of gamescom asia, persons in its service, other persons who are working at the event, or third parties during or in connection with the activities at the event, unless the damage is caused by intent or gross negligence by gamescom asia
  • Attendees are reminded to dispose of their trash in the proper bins. If you cannot find a rubbish bin, hold onto your trash until you can find one.
  • Please do not abuse convention facilities. This includes putting signs on walls, removing anything from the event area, vandalising signs or posters, littering, vaping or smoking in the event area, amongst a variety of other things.
  • gamescom asia staff and security have the rights to ask you to leave the event halls if you are behaving inappropriately - and any refund requests will not be entertained.
  • The Organiser will have the final say in these matters and/or matters not covered by these house rules.

Food & Beverage

Can I bring my own food and beverages into the event hall?

No outside food and drinks are allowed in the event hall.

Where can I purchase food and beverages in the event hall?

You can purchase them at the F&B Area

Sale of alcohol and alcoholic beverages will only be sold to individuals above the age of 18. A valid government-issued ID is required, and attendees must present this first on demand.

Cosplay Guidelines

Costume Regulations

Here are some things to take note of before you start planning your cosplays for gamescom asia:

  • There are no restrictions on the genre of costumes that can be worn in the event area.
  • If your costume is military, para-military, or law-enforcement themed, we ask that you remain mindful at all times on how the public may perceive your costume when you are wearing them. Please make an indication or feature on the costume that would indicate that it is a costume and not a real uniform. This also applies to any costumes that are from, but not limited to, anime, games and manga.
  • If your costume consists of a feature that conceals facial features, you may be asked to remove the feature at any time. This includes, but not limited to, masks, helmets and bandanas.
  • If your costume is out-sized or has features that protrude out, we ask that you be aware while walking around and to avoid hitting other attendees.
  • The event staff reserves the right to ask any attendee to leave the event area or request the attendee to change out of costumes that are deemed inappropriate (but not limited to), e.g. indecent exposure (public exposure of genitalia, buttocks or breasts), outrage of modesty, make cause for public alarm (for example, terrorist suicide bomber outfit), etc.
  • Attendees should not engage in poses that are sexually suggestive or make cause for public alarm.
  • If you plan to bring a replica weapon, please refer to the next question.

Cosplay Weapons and Props Regulations

  • If you are bringing any replica weapons to the event, we ask that you remain mindful and transport them to and from the event in a covered bag, e.g. rifle bag for replica firearms or cloth sheath for swords. Only take them out once you are in the event area.
  • Anything that is able to discharge a projectile should be made safe.
  • Prop bows will be allowed providing all arrows have soft tips made of foam or cardboard.
  • Nerf guns should be unloaded and/or batteries removed.
  • Replica edged weapons (e.g. swords, daggers, thrown weapons) made of metal, of any length, are not allowed at the event, even if the cutting edges are blunt.
  • All replica firearms are required to have their muzzle tips coloured in orange.
  • There will be spot checks of replica weapons and props will be made onsite.
  • When walking around with replica weapons, please do not carry them in an aggressive manner, e.g. shouldering rifles, fingers inside trigger guards, swords raised, etc. If possible, carry firearms with your fingers away from the trigger and pointed downwards, and weapons sheathed. If you wish to present your weapon aggressively, we ask that you only do so when posing for a photo.
  • When leaving the event area, please be reminded to keep the replica weapons for transport. Do not carry weapons outside of the event area openly to avoid alarming the public.
  • Please note that onsite security has the final say regarding admissibility.

Privacy and Harassment

gamescom asia has a zero-tolerance policy for harassment of any kind, including but not limited to stalking, deliberate intimidation, and unwelcome physical attention/assault.

Cosplay is not consent—do not touch the cosplayer and/or their costumes without express consent. Seek permission before taking photos of or with cosplayers and respect their right to say no. If a cosplayer is rushing somewhere, resting or eating, respect their space and approach them at a later time.

Please refer to our Safe Space Policy for more details.

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