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The Indonesia Games Market Bootcamp

Indonesia is a rising powerhouse for digital games and esports, given its ever-increasing rate of internet and smartphone users. With more than 171 million citizens connected to the internet, Indonesia currently has the world’s fourth largest number of internet users. Its population size and demographics, combined with the rise of purchasing power and government support, have led the country into a ripe position in the gaming industry.

To explore new opportunities in this huge untapped market, join us at the upcoming ‘Indonesia Games Market Bootcamp’. The sessions will deep dive into esports, market trends and gamer insights. Learn also about Indonesia’s unique landscape, key industry players and how to take part in its future successes.

This event is part of gamescom asia ‘Games Market Bootcamp’ series – a digital initiative to provide comprehensive insight into fast-growing yet often under-explored markets in Asia Pacific.

Timings are based on Singapore Time: GMT+8

Opening Remarks
Adam Ardisasmita, Vice President, Asosiasi Game Indonesia (AGI)


Games Market Overview: Indonesia vs. Southeast Asia This presentation focuses on the Indonesia games market. Takeaways include market size and forecasts by platform, gamer insights, as well as the trends shaping the future of games and the game industry in the Indonesia and how it fares in comparison to the rest of Southeast Asia. There will also be a deeper dive into esports, regulatory environment, and popular games. Lastly, this presentation discusses the challenges and opportunities for the games industry in the country.
Darang Candra, Director for Southeast Asia Research, Niko Partners


Panel Discussion:
How to Maximise Opportunity in the Indonesian Game Industry Landscape
Part 1:

  • What makes Indonesia’s landscape unique compared to other countries?
  • In the era of open digital market, why should a developer partner with a local company to reach Indonesian players?
Part 2:
  • Some Indonesian-developed games have been successful both local and international. How can others, such as investors and publishers, take part in future successes?
  • What’s the channel for them to meet good teams, and what should they keep an eye on?

Muhammad Neil El Himam, Deputy Chairman for Digital Economy & Creative Products, Ministry of Tourism & Creative Economy Indonesia
Eva Muliawati, Founder & CEO, Megaxus Infotech
Joe Wadakethalakal, Indonesia CEO, Mobile Premier League
Kris Antoni Hadiputra, Founder & CEO, Toge Productions

Cipto Adiguno, President, Asosiasi Game Indonesia


Indonesia’s Creative Economy: How Online Gaming & Esports Might Be the New Growth Drivers in the Making

The global video game industry is booming despite the prevalent economic hardships caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the key takeaways from the current spike in gaming is that the industry has the potential of becoming Indonesia’s new growth driver for the creative economy.

Lokapala, Indonesia's first multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, explores how the esports theme can enable cross-sector collaboration and further stimulate growth of the creative economy, in the post-COVID-19 world.

Dr. Jerry Sambuaga, Vice Minister, Ministry of Trade Indonesia
Ivan Chen, President, Cipta Kreasi Indonesia (CAKRA)


Networking & See You at the Next One!


jerry sambuaga

Dr. Jerry Sambuaga, Vice Minister, Ministry of Trade Indonesia

Dr. Jerry Sambuaga was previously was a member of Commission I of People's Representative Council of the Republic of Indonesia (Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat RI) in 2014-2016 from Golkar Party. Jerry was also a researcher for Director of International Security and Disarmament, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Indonesia. The scope of his research included terrorism, international security, and defense issues. Jerry completed his undergraduate studies at University of San Francisco as Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Master’s degree at Columbia University. In 2016, he earned Doctorate degree from Universitas Indonesia, making him the youngest Doctor of Political Science from Universitas Indonesia.

id-muhammad neil el himam

Muhammad Neil El Himam, Deputy Chairman for Digital Economy & Creative Products, Ministry of Tourism & Creative Economy Indonesia

Muhammad Neil El Himam joined the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy in 2020 as the Deputy Chairman for Digital Economy and Creative Products. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Machine Engineering from the University of Manitoba and master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from North Carolina State University. Other positions he has held were Director of Infrastructure Facilitation for Information and Communication Technology (Agency for Creative Economy, 2015-2019); Head of Sub-Directorate for Investigation and Enforcement (Ministry of Communication and Informatics, 2015); Head of Sub-Directorate for Software Standardization and Audit (Ministry of Communication and Informatics, 2011-2015); Head of Sub-Directorate for Electronic Transactions (Ministry of Communication and Informatics, 2008-2011).

adam ardisasmita

Adam Ardisasmita, Vice President, Asosiasi Game Indonesia (AGI)

Adam Ardisasmita is CEO and co-founder of Arsanesia (a mobile game developer) and Arsa Kids (education game for children). He is also the Intel Innovator, Google Launchpad Mentor and Vice President of Indonesia Game Association, who is actively engage with the game developer community. As a tech and game writer, Adam has been a contributor for Dailysocial, Codepolitan, Dicoding Academy and often share his thought and experience on his personal blog,

eva muliawati

Eva Muliawati, Founder & CEO, Megaxus Infotech

Eva Muliawati's passion for online gaming during her college days at Emily Carr University, Canada, had led her to start up a game development and publishing company, PT Megaxus Infotech, in 2006. She plunged into the video game business when she saw the huge potential of the Indonesia's market, with the technology advancement and surge of public interest in gaming. Now, after 14 years, there are 24.5 million gamers who played Megaxus' games. Eva's vision is to become a leading digital content company that will bring about positive impact to the Indonesian creative industry.

Joe Wadakethalakal

Joe Wadakethalakal, Indonesia CEO, Mobile Premier League

Joe Wadakethalakal has led Mobile Premier League Indonesia, the biggest skill-based mobile e-sports platform in Southeast Asia, since 2019. He has also been at the forefront of MPL's efforts to provide local game developers a platform to showcase their games and create an opportunity for developers to generate additional revenue. In the past, Joe has founded and led other businesses, such as, a millennial content publisher and Seroja Partners, an Indonesian market expansion advisory practice. He is interested in the intersection of technology, media, and Southeast Asia.

Kris Antoni Hadiputra

Kris Antoni Hadiputra, Founder & CEO, Toge Productions

Kris Antoni Hadiputra is the founder and CEO of Toge Productions, an independent game development and publishing studio based in Tangerang, Indonesia. Kris has more than 12 years of industry experience and have worked with international game publishers and developers in delivering games to various platforms, such as Nintendo Switch, Steam, iOS, and Android. Kris is also a game designer, pixel artist and programmer.

cipto adiguno

Cipto Adiguno, President, Asosiasi Game Indonesia

Cipto Adiguno is the President of Asosiasi Game Indonesia and the VP of Consumer Games at Agate. He believes that games are powerful medium to tell stories.

darang candra

Darang Candra, Director for Southeast Asia Research, Niko Partners

Darang S. Candra has worked with an array of research institutions including ASEAN Study Center of the University of Indonesia, Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies, Horizon Intelligence, and the Economist Intelligence Unit. Darang also has two master’s degrees, a Master of International Affairs from University of California, San Diego and a Master of Chinese Studies from Zhejiang University. He is based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

ivan chen

Ivan Chen, President, Cipta Kreasi Indonesia (CAKRA)

Ivan Chen is the President of CAKRA Association which focuses on building the creative industry ecosystem. He has been proactively assisting and advising several ministries of Republic of Indonesia in shaping the future of the creative industry. Ivan is also the CEO of Anantarupa Studios.