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Developers-Publishers-Investors Speed Dating

Where game developers get to meet prospective publishers and investors.

The speed-dating event aims to facilitate worthwhile face time for publishers/investors with promising game studios from Southeast Asia and beyond through an hour of uninterrupted 5-minute meetings. It also opens opportunities for more extended conversations to be continued after the event.

All engagements are pre-screened and arranged in an exclusive one-on-one format.

Entry to this event requires a trade conference ticket.

When will the speed dating event take place?

The speed dating event for developers, publishers and investors will take place during gamescom asia 2022, as part of the trade conference programme for business visitors. Entry will require a trade conference ticket.

Date: 21 October 2022, Friday
Time: 4:00pm – 5:00pm

Who should join?

The event is designed for three specific groups. If you fit into one of these, then you will want to get involved! You can pitch your projects built for any of these platforms, PC, Console, Mobile, AR/VR/Metaverse, Blockchain, etc.


Game Developers

You make games (on any platform) and looking for publishing partners, funding, or both.


Game Publishers

You actively look for new games and talented game creators to work with.



You actively look for new investment opportunities in the games business. You could be an angel investor, a fund or a VC.

The event is not open to other segments of the industry except for the above.

How to sign up?

Step 1: Purchase a trade conference ticket before 14 September

In the ticket registration form, indicate your interest to join the Speed Dating event.

Step 2: You will receive an application form link within 2 business days

Submit your details and game(s) no later than 23 September.

Step 3: Receive confirmation of your participation by 1 October

As this is a curated session, your application will undergo a screening process before your participation is confirmed and your details be used to set up meetings.

There will be no on-site registrations for this event.


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Why sign up?

For publishers / investors


  • One-to-ones with game creators, in search of publishing partners or funding
  • Access to quality pre-screened game projects

For developers


  • One-to-ones with investors/publishers, in search of game projects
  • Get valuable feedback for your elevator pitch

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