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Shawn Layden

PlayStation Worldwide Studios
Shawn Layden, Former Chairman of PlayStation Worldwide Studios

Shawn Layden is the former chairman of PlayStation Worldwide Studios for Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), where he was responsible for driving first-party content to differentiate the PlayStation platform and played a key role in launching PlayStation consoles globally.

He also established PlayStation Productions in Culver City to create film and television properties based on PlayStation's game IP. Prior to serving as chairman, Shawn was CEO of SIE America, leading the PlayStation business in the United States, Canada, and Latin America. Earlier in his career, he also served as president of SIE Japan and was vice president for International Software Development at SIE Europe. His 32-year career with Sony began with corporate roles in Tokyo, including five years as a personal assistant to Akio Morita, co-founder of Sony Corporation. He currently serves as a strategic advisor to Tencent Corporation and advises several tech start-ups in game-adjacent fields. He is a founding board member of the Girls Make Games Scholarship Fund. Shawn graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a BA in American Studies. He has family in Tokyo and London and divides his time among those cities and the San Francisco Bay Area, where he currently resides with his two cats. He still plays a lot of video games.

Justin Scarpone

Justin Scarpone , EVP & Global Head of Transmedia,

Justin Scarpone is an accomplished executive with 30 years of leadership experience. He currently oversees Sega's Global Transmedia Group, including all forms of linear storytelling (film/tv/streaming), consumer products, location based entertainment, and live shows. Prior to Sega, Justin delivered strong creative and financial successes ranging from overseeing production/marketing/sales in the gaming for both Disney and Scopely, to management of The Walt Disney Company's Japanese Consumer Products business, to roles in business strategy and development. He also has served as both advisor and investor to a portfolio of companies in industries ranging from Web 3 to music, consumer products, and gaming. 

Snow Rui

Hooded Horse
Snow Rui, President & CFO

Snow Rui leads the business, operations, and financial aspects of Hooded Horse. She helps shape Hooded Horse’s non-traditional approach to indie game publishing, helping every game find its audience, forgoing standard 100% recoup terms, and fostering an environment of mutual cooperation. She started her career as a transactional lawyer and holds a JD and MBA from Yale.

Amir Ghareaghadje

CD Projekt Red 
Amir Ghareaghadje, VP of Brand Marketing

Amir Ghareaghadje is the VP of Brand Marketing at CD PROJEKT RED, where he co-leads the Integrated Marketing and Communication department. He oversees the Global Brand Marketing, Franchise Content Strategy, and RED Creative Studio teams, and is responsible for developing and maintaining holistic brand experiences for both The Witcher and Cyberpunk franchises. Passionate about storytelling and brand-building, Amir seeks to create awe-inspiring moments that spark audiences’ imaginations. Before joining CD PROJEKT RED in 2019, he spent over 15 years in global entertainment and media, working with brands for Activision, Paramount, and NBC Universal.

Rebecca Glowacz

Rebecca Glowacz , Director of Global Licensing & Brand Development

Rebecca Glowacz, Director of Global Licensing & Brand Development at Neopets, brings extensive experience in marketing, brand strategy, and business development to her role. She has been pivotal in driving Neopets’ global licensing initiatives and brand growth and is dedicated to advancing Neopets’ presence in the global market. Rebecca has a diverse background in business development, specializing in strategic partnerships. Her expertise in developing Go-To-Market strategies and creating impactful brand experiences has garnered recognition within the industry. 

Jaeho Hwang

Jaeho Hwang, Game Director 

Jaeho Hwang, the Game Director of Dave the Diver at MINTROCKET, has made a significant impact on games known for their unique and fulfilling quality, starting from his first pixel art mobile action game, "Evil Factory," in 2017 to one of the biggest hits of 2023, "Dave the Diver." Additionally, his deep passion for subculture led him to create "Godzilla Defense Force" in 2019. 


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